Frequently asked questions

What is Converse?

Converse transforms your reading experience by leveraging AI to enhance how you engage with web pages, PDFs, and YouTube videos. It delivers an enriched learning journey with interactive summaries, key takeaways, and an intuitive chat feature to ask questions directly from the content.

How does Converse enhance reading?

By seamlessly integrating the original content with a side-by-side, AI-generated summary, Converse enables an interactive experience. Navigate through content with ease, delve into detailed summaries, engage in document chats, and absorb executive insights—all within a unified platform.

What types of content are supported by Converse?

Currently, Converse supports a diverse range of materials, including web articles, PDFs, and YouTube transcripts. We're continuously evolving to embrace more formats, enhancing our versatility.

Can I share my Converse findings?

Absolutely. Share your AI-generated summaries and chat exchanges from Converse for collaborative learning. While private and copyrighted materials must respect legal boundaries, public content is fully shareable.

Are there document upload limits on Converse?

Converse offers a limited free tier, with unrestricted usage for our Plus subscribers—empowering you to upload without limits.

What sets Converse apart in digital reading?

Converse offers a unique, interactive reading environment. Features include clickable summaries for quick reference jumps, conversational interfaces for content exploration, and unlimited uploads with no page limits, all fostering a more dynamic and expansive reading experience.

Why are there no refunds with Converse?

To maintain our cost-effective pricing model in light of significant operational expenses, Converse does not process refunds. Subscribers may cancel anytime and retain full access through the end of their billing cycle.

What happens post-cancellation?

Post-cancellation, your Converse subscription remains active until the billing period concludes, ensuring uninterrupted access for the duration.

How does Converse sustain top-quality at low cost?

Converse achieves its high-caliber performance by combining OpenAI APIs with finely tuned open-source language models, ensuring premium service at an accessible price.

Is the Converse subscription really unlimited?

Yes, our paid subscription promises limitless interaction. Dive into an endless stream of content, regardless of page count or document size, with Converse at your side.